Showers and lightning strike community before storms Ida


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Thunderstorms on Monday weren’t due to Ida. Still, local authorities warn; people have to prepare before the residual rains arrive here.

A Bullitt County woman was unaware her home had caught fire until it was struck by lightning, one of many dangerous scenarios caused by severe weather conditions.

Zoneton Fire responded to the 1600 block of Saratoga Court in Pioneer Village at around 2:30 pm Fire crews responded and took only five minutes to extinguish the flames.

“My neighbor is yelling behind my house, your house is on fire!” Said owner Elois Murrell. “I ran from the front, there was fire coming out of the top vent of the roof. There was smoke in the watches up there.

Lightning struck the front part of Murrell’s house, causing electrical problems. Damage from the strike temporarily displaced the woman from Bullitt County.

As firefighters removed damaged parts of the house, debris and insulation, Murrell and his son were able to search for sentimental possessions.

“Anything can be rebuilt,” Murrell said. “I’m just looking for pictures and things that you can’t replace.”

With more storms expected this week, the Louisville Fire Department remains aware of calls in areas known to be at risk from flooding and driving, like the viaducts all over the city.

“Someone will pass, see a car sitting in the overpass,” Lt. Col. Randy Croney said. “We tend to put duct tape around the perimeter to let us know that we have checked this vehicle. It helps repeat calls. So, you could receive 20 calls within a period of heavy rain.

In Seymour, Indiana, members of the public works team spent Monday afternoon proactively working to keep streets free of debris to avoid backlogs down the drain.

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