Some Dolton Trustees Concerned About Hiring Dorothy Brown As Village Trustee


Just months after resigning as Cook County Circuit Court clerk, Dorothy Brown returned to the public payroll.

But his new six-figure job in the southern suburbs of Dolton worries some elected officials in this village.

“I think Dorothy Brown’s influence was not the greatest influence on the mayor,” said Edward Steave, administrator of Dolton. “And the direction they are going we totally disagree. And we have to do something.”

Now a new federal corruption scandal in Brown’s former office is prompting some directors to call for Brown’s departure.

Brown hosted the swearing-in ceremony last May for Tiffany Henyard, Dolton’s first female mayor, who calls Brown his godmother and mentor.

Last year, Brown resigned after 20 tumultuous years as an elected official responsible for the country’s largest justice system.

But his long tenure was marked by a series of scandals and federal investigations.

While several of his employees have been convicted of various crimes, Brown has never been charged.

In December, Brown began drawing his county pension of almost $ 90,000 a year.

But now Brown is back on the public payroll, thanks to Dolton’s new mayor.

Four of Dolton’s six trustees gathered outside the village hall on Thursday to voice concerns over Brown’s appointment as trustee for the village of Dolton, a job that brings in $ 100,000 a year .

“We believe that Dorothy Brown’s control over administrative affairs and her influence over the mayor has not been in the best interests of the village,” said Tammy Brown, administrator of Dolton.

Directors said they approved Brown’s hiring last May with assurances from Mayor Henyard that it was a transitional position that would end in mid-November.

But now they are wondering if the job is up to Brown.


“We have been in this administration for five months, the position has still not been posted, no applications have been taken,” said Jason House, administrator of Dolton. “I feel like I’ve been lied to about Dorothy Brown’s transition.”

Directors said Brown and the mayor had made numerous hires without their participation. And when they ask Brown for information, “(Brown) said it was the mayor. She made the decisions,” said Brittney Norwood, director of Dolton. “And you must all follow his example and do as you are asked and not ask any questions.”

Directors said they were also alarmed by news this week that a Pennsylvania man has pleaded guilty in federal court to providing benefits to Dorothy Brown through bribery.

Federal indictment says businessman Donald Donagher Jr admits he paid part of the expenses for a 2014 Dorothy Brown awards event in exchange for his belief he would continue to earn contracts from Brown’s office.

Donagher has also agreed to cooperate with the ongoing federal investigation.

“I just don’t want his personal life to affect Dolton and bring a cloud over Dolton,” Administrator Brown said.

Fox 32 went to the village hall to try and talk to the mayor, but was told she wasn’t there. So we went to her house where we were greeted by two police officers from Dolton who were blocking the way.

Although we never spoke to the mayor or Dorothy Brown, a village spokesperson later told us that Brown would step down after six months.

“I had a conversation with the mayor this morning and as the mayor said, she supports Ms Brown, she has done an amazing job in the village,” said Dolton spokesperson Nikita McGraw.

But administrators say it’s time for one of Cook County’s most controversial politicians to say goodbye.

They plan to raise their concerns at an online meeting of the village board next week.

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