Spend a quiet fall day in the quaint village of Cold Spring

If you’re looking for a nice place to spend a quiet fall day, the beautiful, quaint village of Cold Spring might be the perfect place for your next road trip: close to home!

In a place full of scenery and culture, our first stop is a unique concept store – Paulette Cold Spring. “It’s a place where you can just relax. Something for people to sit down and take a break and shop or not, but have a coffee,” says Jacqueline Azria, owner of Paulette Cold Spring.

That’s right – you can stock up and browse an eclectic range of designs for all clothing and jewelry.

You’ll also find plenty of locally made gifts to take home a piece of Cold Spring.

Between the pastries and the coffee – much of it is locally sourced.

Next stop is Judie’s Bungalow, where you’ll find a mix of all kinds of artwork and furniture from Judie Gordon herself! “Everything is original, they won’t find it anywhere else unless it’s mine. What’s good for me is that it’s my studio,” says Gordon.

In fact, Judie handcrafts everything you see, from hats to decorations and more. She even restores antique furniture with her own vintage touch!

And speaking of artwork, you have to check out Mother Nature’s exhibit on Cold Spring’s iconic waterfront. From West Point and beyond, the views are so vast and spectacular.

Before heading home, treat yourself to Moo Moos Creamery, an ice cream staple. Every day you’ll find 16 rotating house flavors, all made from a family recipe from the early 90s.

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