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The Lions Central Park Splash Pad reached a new milestone on June 8, when Rogers City Council approved the plans and specifications and allowed publicity for the bids on the $ 1.852 million project.

The pool is the first 0.25% local option sales tax (LOST) project approved by Rogers voters in November 2018 and implemented in October 2019.

“This is a very good visible project,” said Mike Bauer, Director of Recreation and Facilities at Rogers. In a note to council, Bauer said the city’s intention is to use LOST funds to complete the design and final construction of specific urban projects. The wading pool will be offered as a tax-exempt project to take advantage of the city’s tax-exempt status.

In May 2020, the city council authorized a contract with Terra General Contractors for the construction management of the preliminary design of the approved park referendum projects.

In addition to the wading pool at Lions Central Park, projects include improvements to South Community Park, an indoor turf installation and site improvements for future recreation facilities at the Rogers Activity Center.

The city’s portion of a school pool is dependent on obtaining funding by School District 728 for the pool, Bauer said.

Since fall 2020, representatives from Terra, Wilkus Architects, HKGI and Design Tree have been working with City of Rogers staff on the design of the wading pool and a building associated with Lions Central Park, according to Bauer.

Lions Central Park, next to Main Street and Rouillard Boulevard, will also include a community / warm-up room that will offer rental space for meeting rooms or events such as birthday parties, Bauer said.

Construction is expected to start this year. However, Bauer noted that “construction prices have increased dramatically over the past two years. To make up the difference, staff recommend using day labor for areas we can in-house, savings on other LOST projects, and park trust funds on aspects of the project that don’t. are not considered part of the LOST program. “

Reconstruction of the main street

Council also approved the plans and specifications and authorized publicity for the bids for the reconstruction of Main Street from 129th Avenue to Pointe Drive.

“The city has constant water main breaks in the area,” said city engineer Bret Weiss. “It’s an important segment to finish. “

The project, initially scheduled for reconstruction in 2019, has been identified as a priority in the city’s transport improvement plan. Main Street, which runs through the center of downtown Rogers, is currently a designated Hennepin County road to turn around into town.

City engineer Bret Weiss said city staff have been working with county officials since 2018 to secure the return deal.

“Hennepin County was unable to secure funding for the return, which left the reconstruction project largely without funding,” Weiss said in a note to council. He added that phase 1 of the project was to move the overhead utilities to the basement, which was completed last year to prepare the corridor for public infrastructure works. The utility connections to the homes are underway and should be completed this summer.

Phase 2, as scheduled for 2021, will include the reconstruction of Main Street from 129th Avenue to Pointe Drive.

Phase 3 will include the reconstruction of Main Street to County Road 81 and is scheduled for 2022.

The exact locations of the contaminated soil impacting the street project have been determined, Weiss said. “Prior to construction, the project will be included in the MPCA petroleum remediation program,” Weiss’s note said.

The estimated project costs of $ 2.787 million include $ 1.1 million for street and pedestrian improvements and $ 393,980 for sanitary sewer upgrades. Hennepin County is expected to provide $ 1 million for the project.

The contract is expected to be awarded on July 13, and phased construction is expected to begin immediately. Final completion is expected in November 2022.

In other areas, the board approved a development agreement with Rachel Development, Inc., and the final platform for Edgewater 3rd Addition, a proposal for 64 hospitality sites on 21 acres.

The 1,900 square foot single family homes will be built by M / I Homes on land at the west end of Industrial Boulevard previously operated by Hassan Sand & Gravel. The development will include 47 houses with slabs on the ground and 17 single-storey models.


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