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Please take the time to vote on June 14 regarding the future of the Thompson Community Center in Union.

On June 14, Union voters will have the opportunity to vote on one of five options regarding the future of the Thompson Community Center.

A vote for Option #2 will give townspeople their much sought-after community center, restore buildings to their original appearance, and give Union much-needed senior housing, all at a cost of zero to 10. $000 per year; a very small impact on taxes.

There is no guarantee that Union residents will have priority, but Union residents will be the first to know of openings. This is only housing for seniors, not housing for low-income families.

In my opinion, it’s a win-win situation. The Union needs housing for the elderly. There are plenty of state and federal funds available for senior housing.

Buildings need to be restored, and Union gets a community building, all at little or no cost to the city.

Abraham Knight


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