Tales of ghosts: horror in the village | Lifestyles


There was a lovely peaceful village until one day it was not a peaceful village.

There was a person named Avi who started going into houses and acting like she was poor so people would let her into their houses so that she could spy on them and she was trying to kidnap them.

She went to 3 different houses and tried to haunt them but since it was the first time she was doing it she was not very good and she was very very obvious. She walked into the house and picked up the three girls and put them in her van. She took them to an institution and placed them in different prison cells.

The three girls named Olivia, Aarya and Elli try to escape the prison, but the kidnapper entered and arrested them and placed them all in three different places so that they could not help each other. She put Olivia in the forest and tied her to a tree and while he was gone Aarya and Elli tried to escape but they couldn’t in time.

The kidnapper came back and took Aarya and put her in this haunted house. Then he went back to the jail or facility and took Elli very far away from each other and they were all trying to get loose and Olivia got loose and she tried to go get the others but she met Avi the kidnapper and she almost got caught.

The kidnapper was standing right in front of Elli and Aarya and Olivia had to find a way to save them. She tried to sneak behind Avi and grab the keys from Avi’s pocket to free Elli and Aarya but she got caught and she ran as fast as she could and she was able to squeeze in and out. get to Elli and Aarya faster than Avi but she only got there a few seconds faster, which meant she had to release them quickly and they could break free with a few seconds to spare. They could run but Avi was right.

The three girls were able to escape but they were lost and knew that if they had not found a place to hide they would have been found. They saw Avi in ​​this story and ran as fast as they could and found a very, very old cabin that didn’t seem safe to get into. Aarya and Elli were still looking for a hiding place, Avi took them to his facility to put them in three different rooms that had locks inside and out.

The fog started to come in but they all found an air pocket to breathe but it only lasted a few seconds. Aarya was able to walk through and unlock Elli and Olivia’s cells and they all ran and noticed they were close to the neighborhood and walked through and again to no longer trust anyone they don’t know anymore.

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