The ‘beautiful’ village 45 minutes from Coventry where the average house costs £ 675,000

For fans of quaint, quaint English chocolate box villages, Welford-on-Avon comes as you like it.

Famous for its flagpole, Tudor-style thatched cottages and Shakespearean ties, the village in South Warwickshire is very popular with tourists.

Its 65-foot-high mast, one of the tallest in England, is the mecca for foreigners. It was once made of wood, but was replaced by an aluminum pole after a lightning strike – but still attracts people.

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With plenty of trees, lush green spaces, and the River Avon winding through the north of the village, it’s no wonder that Welford, a favorite haunt of William Shakespeare, is considered by many to be a relaxing retreat.

According to Welford-on-Avon Parish Council, the village has been “mentioned in the Domesday Book, but with origins going much further back, Welford’s development spanned several centuries.

“The oldest lists of well-known monuments include the first church built on the site of St. Peter in the 12th century, the southern part of the Binton Bridges and the site of the mast.

“The 17th century saw the introduction of many half-timbered cottages and the Wesleyan Chapel was built at the end of the 18th century.”

A view of the River Avon from the Four Alls pub in Welford-on-Avon

Amber Summers, assistant manager intern at The Four Alls pub at the northern tip of Welford, where the river and village intertwine, said the idyllic surroundings were one of the main reasons customers keep flocking .

“Most people come here for the view – and the food,” she told WarwickshireLive.

“The river is a great selling point for us.

“When people walk through Welford, they see our outdoor garden, which was remodeled a few years ago, and want to stop by.

The Four Alls pub in Welford-on-Avon
The Four Alls pub in Welford-on-Avon

“It is a beautiful village and there is also a very good sense of community.”

Welford Wives was established over 50 years ago by local residents, some of whom are still members.

Its members meet on the first Wednesday of each month for a conference, tour or pre-arranged activity, followed by coffee and tea.

Much of Welford’s current road network was in place by 1800.

The green of the village of Welford-on-Avon and the 65 foot tall Maypole
The green of the village of Welford-on-Avon and the 65 foot tall Maypole

The original village school was built in Victorian times and housed the first parish council meeting in 1894.

More recently, Memorial Hall was erected in 1924 and the Allotments Trust was established in 1940.

A conservation area, containing 65 listed buildings and 80 unclassified buildings, was designated in 1969.

The peace in this rural oasis was momentarily shattered when armed thieves attempted to rob Maypole Stores, the village’s main store.

Maypole stores in the idyllic village of Welford-on-Avon
Maypole stores in the idyllic village of Welford-on-Avon

Owner Raj Sandhu bravely fought the men and this was the last time the village saw them.

So what about its vital statistics?

* Site – 4 miles (6 km) west-southwest of Stratford.

* Population – Measured at 1,420 in the 2011 census. It was once part of Gloucestershire, but has been a village in Warwickshire since 1931.

* Transport links – Welford is served by bus number 27. The nearest station is at Stratford.

* Average house price – As of November, it stands at £ 674,605, according to Zoopla. This is an increase of 0.73% in the last three months (since August 2021) and an increase of 5.08% since last November.

* Approvals – Headland Road Primary School has been rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted. In 1995 he won the Daily Telegraph’s young newspaper of the year competition with its annual publication, The bugle J3 .

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Maypole Stores and Post Office, Welford Butchers and Deli and the aptly named Cleve Cottage keep villagers stocked with essentials and the garage allows motorists to move around. There are also three pubs – The Shakespeare Inn, The Four Alls and The Bell Inn.

* Sports РA p̩tanque club and the Welford-on-Avon golf club are located to the south of the village. At the other end of the village you will find the Welford Boat Station and Marina. The Bunkers Hill swimming facility is southwest of the village.

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