The expanded Waikiki Christmas store at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

HONOLULU (KHON) – Santa’s Pen, a Christmas ornament store in Hawaii, has just expanded into its new location at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

Karen Sotomura, Store Owner and Creator of Santa Claus Pen, said they were happy to have opened just ahead of the busy 2021 Christmas holiday season.

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“We are very happy to be here, we have been looking forward to opening this location at the Hilton for a few years,” said Sotomura. “So with the installation of COVID, we were able to secure a location and open in time for the holidays. “

Sotomura said it opened the Hilton Hawaiian Village store on November 20, but has many other stores.

A few other locations include Waikiki, Lahaina, Pearlridge Center and inside the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange store.

“When we’re in Waikiki, these are keepsake ornaments. When we go to our local sites, like Pearlridge and the Navy Exchange, it’s for our local customers, so it’s more of a holiday giveaway, ”Sotomura explained.

Sotomura said she hopes people who choose to stay near the Hilton Hawaiian Village will stop by to visit her ornament shop and take home a Christmas keepsake they can keep forever.

“We are busy all year round because people come here to buy the Christmas decorations as a souvenir,” Sotomura added.

Sotomura said she is proud of the expansion of her business over the past 36 years.

She said that what makes her store so special are most of the store ornaments that she and her team have designed themselves.

The Santa Claus Pen allows customers to choose their favorite ornament and personalize it with their name, year, and a Christmas message.

“These ornaments are special because we design everything ourselves, we are a 36-year-old local company,” Sotomura said. “We design all of our own merchandise, and anything that has a white label means it’s owned by our company, which makes up about 85% of the items in this store.”

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