The Kiryas Joel condo complex has nearly 500 almost completed units



KIRYAS JOEL – The first hundred units are nearing completion in a condo complex that will eventually house more people than some entire towns in Orange County.

The 1,600-unit Veyoel Moshe Gardens project has been taking shape on a hill overlooking Highway 17 since 2018, filling part of a 70-acre Kiryas Joel peninsula that was once a woodland. A total of 700 units are under construction and up to 500 are nearing completion, the project planner told The Times Herald-Record.

Several obstacles still need to be cleared before completed condos can be occupied.

Housing construction continues at Kiryas Joel near Nininger Rd. June 15, 2021.

One is the completion of a new sewer line that was needed to handle the increased sewage, which is piped by Monroe to a treatment plant in Harriman. Workers had already installed the wider pipe at Monroe and were preparing to drill under Route 17 to connect it to the mainline on the Kiryas Joel side of the highway.

Water boost: Kiryas Joel obtains agreement for two new wells and buys land to look for another

Housing boom: More than 3,600 housing units under construction or planned in Kiryas Joel

Approved: Kiryas Joel’s Board of Directors approves the construction of a 1,600-unit condo complex

Robert Gray, the Orange County official who oversees the county-run sewage system serving that area, told The Times Herald-Record last week that the sewer work should be completed by September 1 and will cost $ 4.3 million, all to be paid by garden developer Veyoel Moshe.

Nearly 500 homes are nearing completion in a 1,600-unit condo complex in Kiryas Joel, seen here on June 15, 2021.

In addition, workers must finish burying underground gas and electricity pipes, paving roads and installing two traffic lights at project entrances on County Road 105 and Nininger Road, Brach’s Joel Mann said. & Mann Associates, the project planning company. The signal for Route 105 and Chemin Bakertown should be installed in a few weeks.

Mann said the condos will range in size from 1,200 square feet to 2,800 square feet. No price has been set. One of the two planned synagogues is also under construction.

The project is by far the largest of several being built in Kiryas Joel to meet the demand for housing in the ever-growing Satmar Hasidic community. Planners estimated during the environmental review of the Veyoel Moshe Gardens that they could ultimately house up to 9,000 people, or about a third of the village’s nearly 27,000 inhabitants in mid-2019.

Booming populations

This would make the condo complex more populous than the town of Port Jervis and the village of Monroe – each of which had around 8,600 residents in 2019 – as well as seven towns in Orange, such as Wawayanda and Mount Hope.

Kiryas Joel recently obtained state approval for two new wells in Monroe and Woodbury that will allow it to serve the original occupants of Veyoel Moshe Gardens, removing what could have been another obstacle to their move.

The new wells have brought the village’s overall water supply to 2.8 million gallons per day on an interim basis, while the village continues to build a 13.5-mile pipeline to operate New York’s Catskill Aqueduct. This $ 94 million project to secure a long-term water source for Kiryas Joel has been underway since 2013 and is more than halfway through.

The Veyoel Moshe Gardens are built on land that a Mount Kisco businessman seized during a mortgage foreclosure in 1989 and held for almost three decades, allowing its value to grow. skyrocket as Kiryas Joel was developed and land became scarce.

Orange County real estate records show Irving Bauer finally sold his 70 acres for $ 100 million to Kiryas businessman Joel Akiva Klein in 2019, after construction of the Veyoel Moshe Gardens had already start. Klein is the developer of the project.

Other major housing projects under construction in Kiryas Joel include 543 Acres Point units, 482 Forest Edge units, 457 Acres Enclave units, 250 Golden Towers units and 191 High End on Forest units.

Completion of these projects will require the installation of larger pipes for the two main sewer lines in the village. Developers should also pay for this work.

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