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BY THE VILLAGE SUN | The inflated car is the super.

Some people have wondered about this Maserati and how it can constantly stay parked in a designated pickup / drop-off area on E. 12th Street.

Specifically, Choresh Wald, an avid cyclist who diligently documents all the blocked bike lanes in the East Village – and there are a ton of them – pointed out the Italian luxury car in his tweets, urging The Village Sun to check it out.

Turns out the owner of the car is the super at 31 E. 12th St., a condominium building east of University Place, outside the front door of which the car is parked – between four cones, two at the front and two at the rear.

The Maserati is sandwiched between traffic cones. (Photo by The Village Sun)

A friendly doorman on site on Saturday evening, who revealed the super owner of the car, explained the situation. He said most of the vehicles that park in the disembarkation lane are owned by detectives who work in the Police Athletic League building across the street. Other cars parked in the alley are owned by people, like the super, who work in the other buildings in the neighborhood, and have therefore been “allowed” to park there by detectives, he said.

As for the cones sandwiching the Maserati, he said they’re there to “save the parking lot” – for the super, obviously.

When asked if the sports car was new, he said yes, he thought it was quite new.

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