The proposed Naul village park will be a ‘fantastic community meeting point’, according to the mayor of Fingal


The mayor of Fingal described a proposed new village park for Naul as a “fantastic community meeting point” as council announced the start of a formal planning process for the project.

Last week, the Fingal Independent reported on the park information to local councilors and following their approval for the start of public consultation on the project, Fingal County Council has now started a formal planning process. .

The park is divided into several distinct areas. There is an arrival space at the main pedestrian entrance, providing a meeting point with the park from Balbriggan Road.

The finish area will be paved with natural stone pavers with contrasting bands scattered informally, it is proposed to engrave these bands with the words “Easter Snow” – the traditional tune that was a favorite of Séamus Ennis.

A strategically placed village green creates a centerpiece around which other elements will be arranged. With views of the church and cemetery across the road, the village park borrows this visual amenity, offering a unique sense of belonging. A characteristic large tree will be placed in the green to provide another focal point in reference to the “large tree” which has stood proudly in the village for over a hundred years and was a constant feature for many generations of villagers.

The playground will borrow themes from Naul’s rich heritage to create a play experience rooted in its context. The Black Castle (also known as Cruise’s Castle) dates from the 12th century and is about 100 meters north of the cemetery. The castle is an important part of Naul’s heritage and it is proposed to be referenced in a game room that resembles a castle tower.

Likewise, the musical heritage to which Séamus Ennis will be referenced in musical game pieces that appeal to the senses of a child and his natural creativity. pursuit of an experience close to nature.

The playground will be dotted with basic features such as logs and rocks, as well as tree plantings and ground cover to further emphasize the natural aesthetic.

To reinforce the idea of ​​nature play and draw inspiration from the historical heritage of Naul, the grass mound is proposed to provide an array of unique play opportunities. On one side, it connects to the castle play structure, itself a reference to the black castle ruin visible from the playing field, before suddenly falling into the wooden climbing wall on the other. which is inspired by the Irish place name An Aill – anglicized in Naul.

The mound stands next to another element of the project which is the ‘Quarry’, an area sunk into the lawn with tree trunks serving as bridges and emphasizing the sense of adventure.

The fitness area, located immediately to the south of the playground, is a space dedicated to sports and fitness activities and is intended to accommodate a wide age range of users. The space contains exercise equipment for older users, Swedish gymnastics exercises for teens and adults, and a table tennis table for all ages.

A Garden of Reflection is proposed in the southwest corner of the site. This location seeks to make characteristic the old buildings and walls which partly define the boundaries of the park. The garden is proposed to have raised planters for horticultural activities, custom benches and chess tables.

The landscape proposals aim to increase the availability of parking according to the scale of the site. The parking area must be designed with reinforced grass and will be sustainable by including conduits to facilitate recharging of electric cars.

The engagement of stakeholders and the public is at the heart of the project. Briefings were held in April and July this year with local representatives and stakeholders.

Building on the successful community consultations held to date, the board encourages feedback and feedback on the Naul Village Park Development Project during the submission period from September 14 to October 27, as detailed in the application for Part 8 planning attached available at

Fingal Mayor Cllr Seána Ó Rodaigh said: “The Naul Village Park Development Project will be a fantastic community meeting point and provide recreational facilities for young and old, ranging from the playground inspired by An Aill in the village green and the reflection garden.

Fingal Chief Executive Officer AnnMarie Farrelly said: “I am delighted to see the Naul Village Park Development Project reach the formal planning stage and the board welcomes the continued public engagement. This park development is a continuation of the council’s commitment to provide sustainable and accessible outdoor recreation facilities designed in consultation with local communities and in keeping with the heritage of the region.

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