The village is urged to ban local rituals in the river because people continue to be eaten by crocs

Worshipers in India have been urged not to bathe in a river after three people were killed there by crocodiles this year alone.

As well as being a haunt of crocodiles, the Kali River in Dandeli, India is popular with locals, tourists and worshipers, with the latter often coming to ‘offer prayers’.

In an effort to prevent people from being devoured, authorities have put up bizarre warning signs that tell visitors to avoid feeding the crocodiles, not to take their children near the water’s edge, and to avoid completely to swim.

But the latter will interrupt the worship at the water’s edge, popular in India.

“Besides tourists, many devotees come to the Kali River to offer prayers.

“Whether it is final rites or rituals involving immersion when visiting a temple along the Kali River, they often risk their lives by getting too close to the water or sometimes they even enter the river for a short distance unaware of the current and the threat of crocodiles.

The Kali River in Dandeli, India is popular with locals, tourists and worshipers

“The signs will alert people to the possible presence of crocodiles in the area,” an official said, via the New Indian Express.

Experts say the recent croc attacks are the result of recent work on the river that has partially destroyed their natural habitat.

Earlier this week a man was rushed to hospital after his arm was bitten by two crocodiles while washing his hands in a zoo swimming pool without realizing it was the animal enclosure.

Ilham, 49, had been dropping off local tourists when he got a flat tire and got his hands dirty while changing the wheel at Sinka Zoo in Indonesia’s West Kalimantan province on June 9.

With oil on his palms, Ilham reached for a nearby pool to wash off the dirt.

“The signs will alert people to the possible presence of crocodiles,” an official said.

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However, he cried out in pain when a crocodile jumped out of the water and sank its teeth into his elbow.

A second beast then appeared and clung to his arm.

He fought off the 16-foot-long behemoths and eventually broke free – but only because they bit his arm.

Shocked tourist Mohammed Fery, who was in the car with Ilham, said: “The victim was the driver who took me for a ride. He wanted to wash his hands in the pool, but we didn’t know he was there. there were crocodiles in the pool.

“I had suggested he wash his hands in the toilet. But instead he jumped over the fence and washed his hands in the pool.

“We didn’t even know there were crocodiles in the pond. We didn’t see any signs or warnings, the pond looked like an empty pond.”

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