Tigray forces killed 200 civilians in a village in Dabat woreda – residents and officials


Rebel forces in Tigray have killed more than 200 civilians in a village in the Amhara region, residents and officials said. The killings in a village called Chenna Teklehaymanot in Dabat woreda took place during the five days that rebel forces were in the area, said Sewnet Wubalem, the local administrator in Dabat. The victims were killed on September 3-4 by fleeing rebel forces and among the victims were children, women, the elderly and deacons, residents and officials said.

The rebels looted the village and killed people, Atirsaw Kindew, a resident of Chenna villages, told VOA. He said that when the Tigray forces entered the village, they were walking around telling people that they only wanted the Prosperity Party, not ordinary people, but when they were defeated by the government forces and started fleeing, they started going door to door to slaughter people. , he said.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said it was alarmed by the large number of bodies found in Chenna kebele, and an investigation by law enforcement authorities was still underway to confirm the number and identity of the victims. . The Commission said it would deploy a mission to the region as part of its ongoing human rights investigations.

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