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NEW YORK (AP) — A former convict who served two decades in prison for fatally shooting a girlfriend, walked out, then returned to prison for killing another girlfriend a year later is now suspected of a new crime: the dismemberment of a woman whose head was found in the apartment of the 83-year-old parolee.

Prosecutors have identified the former convict as Harvey Marcelin, who was last released in 2019, as the suspect who was arrested in New York last week for concealing a human corpse after it was recorded on video guard abandoning a bag later found to contain the victim’s torso.

Investigators have not publicly identified the victim. As of Thursday, no one had yet been charged in the death as detectives continued to piece together what happened. Murder charges could be filed if the death is ruled a homicide.

Marcelin’s attorney did not immediately return a phone call.

Although identified as a man in court records for decades, Marcelin was booked this time as a woman, a police spokesman said. The AP could not immediately reach anyone Thursday with knowledge of the suspect’s gender identity.

Marcelin’s previous convictions were for the murder of resident girlfriends, according to court documents.

A jury found Marcelin guilty of murder in 1963 for shooting Jacqueline Bonds in a Manhattan apartment.

Marcelin was granted parole in 1984 and was arrested the following year for fatally stabbing another girlfriend and leaving her body in a trash bag on the street. Marcelin was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to six to 12 years in prison.

State officials were reluctant to grant parole when Marcelin became eligible in the 1990s. At a National Parole Board hearing in 1997, Marcelin admitted to having “problems” with women, according to court records.

Other boards have denied parole citing Marcelin’s “attempt to shift the blame” to the victims.

The new investigation began after a passerby found a dismembered torso in a bag on a street corner near Marcelin’s apartment building in the East New York borough on March 3.

Surveillance video showed Marcelin rolling a multicolored bag from the building to the corner on March 2 and leaving it there, prosecutors said in a court filing. The torso was discovered inside the bag hours later, authorities said.

According to court documents, security video showed a woman entering Marcelin’s apartment building rolling the same bag on Feb. 27. The woman was never seen leaving the building.

Officers executed a search warrant and found a human head inside Marcelin’s apartment, according to court documents. Police said a leg was found a few blocks later.

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