Valentino Gareri Atelier Designs Prototype for Circular Economy Village

Valentino Gareri Workshop was selected to design The spiral village. This is the pilot project of a circular economy village model which aims redefine urban sprawl through sustainability and diversified programming. The Spiral Village will be made up of eight residential centers, as well as coworking and entertainment spaces. 3D printing methods will be used to build the Spiral Village, which will allow circularity through a waste recovery center, a diversified regenerative agricultural system, a sustainable water management system and renewable energies.

Image: Valentino Gareri Atelier

Urban planner and political economist Steven Liaros and water engineer Nilmini De Silva, who founded the Australian town planning consultancy PolisPlan, developed the concept of circular economy villages. They describe it as a vision “For a network of high-tech and regenerative villages that aspire to self-sufficiency and zero waste within their bioregion. “ In this planning model, “Each village is home to a diverse community of up to 200 people and will integrate affordable coworking and cohabitation spaces with water and energy micro-grids and a regenerative agricultural system.The Spiral Village, designed by Valentino Gareri Atelier, will be the pilot project of the Circular Economy Villages concept.

“We envision a new way of life where people can experience a closer relationship with nature and the food they eat, thus creating a strong sense of community. At the same time, we seek to integrate technologies in innovative ways to improve our lives and reduce the cost of living. For decades, the common belief was that living in a sustainable village meant giving up comforts. With the concept and design principles of PolisPlan’s ‘Spiral Village’ and Circular Economy Village, we reimagine the future of life where nature, sustainable energy sources and modern technologies are combined. “- Valentino Gareri

Image: Valentino Gareri Atelier

Located five hours north of Sidney, The Spiral Village will be built on a 40 hectare site. The residential structures have a geometric design, strategic to maximize solar energy and rainwater harvesting.

The water system creates a series of basins, the lowest of which will be used for cleaning the wastewater, which will then be recycled. In addition, there will be an agricultural system intended to provide food to residents and help with organic waste management. The project also includes a platform for the conversion of inorganic materials into new products or other resources.

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