Village house plan backed for approval – with half set to be made affordable

Land next to the Orchard Croft estate in Llandrinio which could see 24 houses built there.

The proposal, by Powys County Council itself, would be for homes built on land in Llandrinio – either side of the B4393.

The development would see 24 affordable homes built next to the Trawscoed housing estate and a further 24 homes for sale on the open market, built on land next to the Orchard Croft housing estate,

The application will be decided by councilors at a meeting of council’s planning committee on Thursday, April 28.

In her report, Senior Planning Officer Gemma Bufton explains that the bid site at Trawscoed will be: “100% affordable housing”.

She said: ‘It should be noted that a total of 213 applicants are on the common accommodation register for Llandrinio and surrounding settlements, with 117 confirming that they would consider Llandrinio if accommodation were offered.’

Llandrinio Plans website

For this reason, Ms Bufton explains that discussion between the council’s affordable housing and housing management teams had concluded that Trawscoed would have one, two and three bedroom properties, which would be a mix of “flats, houses and bungalows”.

Ms Bufton said the Orchard Croft site would provide 24 homes across a mix of eight two-bedroom bungalows, 10 two-bedroom homes and six three-bedroom homes.

“The properties will therefore all be single-storey or two-storey properties,” Ms Bufton said.

Ms Bufton adds in her report that there have been four letters commenting on the plans sent by members of the public.

Land next to the Trawscoed housing estate in Llandrinio where 24 affordable homes could be built.

They include objections to the proposal on the grounds that it would cause increased traffic in the village and fear that the plans represent an “overdevelopment” of the village.

Ms Bufton said: ‘The proposed development is basically in line with the relevant planning policy and the recommendation is therefore that of conditional consent.’

One of the 31 conditions placed on the permit is that plans for a children’s play area for Orchards Croft must be approved before construction work can begin.

Documents filed with the application show that in September 2021 Llandrinio & Arddleen Community Council discussed the application and agreed to support the proposal.

But councilors asked for a tree preservation order to be taken on an oak tree in Orchard Croft and also wanted to see the boundary of the site made with a natural hedge rather than a chain link fence.

A separate land drainage consent will also be required for the project.

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