Village of Winnetka: the water and electricity service carries out leak detection at the village level

November 18, 2021

Consulting Engineering, Inc. was hired to perform leak detection services on the village’s potable (drinking) water system to identify and reduce unaccounted for water loss. Fieldwork is expected to start at the end of November and last for three weeks. All technicians and vehicles in the field must be clearly identified with the name of Consulting Engineering, Inc ..

Using acoustic technologies, field technicians will examine approximately 72 miles of water pipes and 4,500 water services to locate undetected water leaks. Unlike mainline breaks, which result in easily noticeable water spillage, water leaks are difficult to locate. Over time, these small leaks can lead to tens of thousands of gallons of water lost. If left unrepaired, these leaks can lead to larger repairs and increase operating costs. Early detection of water leaks protects distribution infrastructure, improves system efficiency, and improves environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of water needed to serve the village.

Leak detection services were made secure through a joint multi-community tender process. For more information on the leak detection program, please contact the non-urgent Water and Electricity number at 847-716-3558.

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