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MASSENA – The mayor of Massena, Timothy J. Ahlfeld, said discussions involving the village, town and the Massena rescue team are underway as part of the rescue team management handover plan from town to village, and he would like to have a document ready for review by the village administrators by Friday.

“It’s not insurmountable, but it will take work to get there,” he told administrators.

Mr. Ahlfeld, along with Massena Fire Department Foreman Aaron Hardy and Village Administrator Monique Chatland met with the Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit on October 10.

“We met their board of directors. We had a tour of the facility. We also met with the base to answer any questions they might have regarding the transfer, what questions we could answer at that time. It was a very productive meeting which probably lasted about an hour and a half, ”said Ahlfeld.

He said it was a meeting where they didn’t come away with more questions than they had.

“In other words, we got answers to the questions we had on both sides,” he said.

Mr Ahlfeld said they had established a timeline for the potential completion of the contract between the village and the Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit. The transfer is expected to become official at 11:59 p.m. on December 31.

“Monique shared with them the model that we use with the Massena Volunteer Fire Department, and they were presented with this hard copy and the electronic format,” he said.

He also attended a rescue team board meeting on October 12.

“I came there because I had seen the report of their previous meeting and they had questions for the village of Masséna. So, I just came as a member of the audience. At the end of the meeting, they asked me if I had anything to say. I just said, ‘I’m here to answer all of your questions.’ We have entered into a productive dialogue about their potential role as we move forward – who will hold the certificate of need, what would the village plan be if the money for resource recovery eventually runs out, ”Ahlfeld said. .

He said the members also asked if there would be a surcharge for the townspeople, but not for the townspeople.

“I quickly responded to that. There will be no change of service, and there will be no supplement for people outside the village of Masséna. People outside the village of Massena will not pay more than people inside the village for the service, ”he said.

Mr. Ahlfeld and the supervisor of the town of Massena, Steven D. O’Shaughnessy, had announced in September that the village would take over the management of the Massena Rescue Squad of the town of Massena at the end of the year.

They said discussions had been underway between the town and the village for several months regarding the potential transfer of the relief team and its assets to the village, and that a “huge amount of work” had already been done. by both parties behind the scenes.

The Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit is currently contracting with the city to provide rescue team services, and this contract will be transferred to the village in early 2022. The city will pay the bills generated until December 31 and the village will take over. payment in January, and the city will keep any resource recovery money generated by the rescue team until the end of the year.

The transfer will give the village the management of three security components with the Massena emergency brigade, the volunteer firefighters of Massena and the police of Massena.

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