Waynesville approves new short-term rental ordinance



Jewell has expressed concerns about falling property values. Additionally, she said there were concerns about the element of some tenants and that it would be bad for the community to allow Airbnb rentals in areas of the village that are zoned for single family homes.

To exploreWaynesville moves closer to regulation of Airbnb homes in village

A special committee of the council met several times in May to review ordinances from other communities and developed the draft ordinance presented in June. 7.

At the June 7 meeting, Robert Cross, a North Main Street resident who wanted to operate an Airbnb location in his 185-year-old home, questioned the degree of regulation of the ordinance.

After much discussion, council gave a first reading to the proposed order and responded to some of the concerns raised by Cross.

At Monday’s meeting, the board reviewed the changes made by General Counsel Jeff Forbes as well as other changes by board members before they voted unanimously to approve the order.

“I’m happy with that,” Cross said. “I feel like they’ve been respectful to me and listened to my concerns. I think they (the board) were really keen to get it right for all of us.

Jewell thanked the board for addressing the issue.

“I think it’s a win / win for the community,” she said. “We’ll be a better community to do it right and I think we’ve handled that as adults.”


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